Madhya Pradesh

Where the rich history still breathes

Madhya Pradesh means The Middle Region, and rightly so. Carrying the moniker the Heart of India, this state is located in Central India and is the second largest state by area in the country. Till date, Madhya Pradesh has been the road less travelled and has been an elusive region on the travel maps of tourists in India.

Embark on a lifetime journey through our selection of tours, please don’t hesitate to communicate your wishes.

Unseen Central India

In some corners of Central India not frequented by tourists, there are untold treasures for the curious traveler.

Caves & Temples of Central India

A Journey to the Heart of India, taking in The Myths, The Legends and The History. Visit the virtual prayers in stone – The Temples and caves of Central India.

Tribal of Central India

Central India is incomplete without its vibrancy that´s stored in the unique and the queer lifestyle of the tribes. It has lots of untouched, unhurried, and unexplored Rural and Tribal destinations.

Wildlife in Central India

India is a feast for all the senses, but what could be more enthralling having read Kipling’s Jungle Book, than seeing all the animals come to life?

The Forsyth Trail

The great plains and undulating hills of Madhya Pradesh, whose winding rivers and teeming forests inspired Kipling’s Jungle Book, are among India’s most enthralling landscapes.

Rural Central India

Away from the mass tourist cities, this journey allows you to discover both the Vindhya mountain landscapes and a group of monuments considered less touristic but archaeologically as important as the most famous because they allow to explain a whole evolution.


Jamtara Wilderness Camp

Jamtara Wilderness Camp is a RARE lodge in Pench away from the busier gates inundated with tourists.

Ahilya Fort

The Ahilya Fort, perched high above the River Narmada, is an enchanting place to stay. The atmosphere here is more of a cosy and quirky home rather than a grand palace.

Forsyth Lodge

At Forsyth Lodge, there is a strong emphasis on sustainable tourism whilst providing an authentic wilderness experience.
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