COVID-19 Destination Update

The worldwide outbreak of COVID-19 has brought the world to a standstill and has affected each one of us in one way or the other.
As a responsible DMC, We have already started training ourselves and our suppler chain for the times to come. We at ITP , strongly believe that the single most important factor for us and all our travellers would be centred around hygiene.

We have identified and have put in place health & hygiene measures in many ways and shall adhere to the guidelines issued by the concerned Authorities in this regard. From sending the travel documents to the clients electronically to regularly sanitizing our vehicles, placing hand sanitizers and disposable face masks in all the vehicles , we are identifying & introducing all the measures by training our drivers, guides and other front line staff to handle their day to day duties.

Our hotels and resorts partners have always kept the overall well-being of each client as the topmost priority and take all quintessential measures to maintain hygienic and impeccable conditions at their properties. Moreover, they sincerely intend to bring certain guidelines, lifestyle changes in the lives of the clients for good.

We are working tirelessly despite the fact that the physical movement across the globe is largely restricted. We are getting prepared to serve our guests in the best possible fashion when life comes back to normalcy.

India Travel Pundits is committed to all our partners & clients to provide the best quality services as well as care about the best hygiene to keep our every guest fit & fine.

We shall regularly update this page with as and when there is any new development / information.

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