Calcutta’s streets tell stories

Old mansions dripping in moss and spotted with mildew make it easy to imagine its spectacular trajectory from rural village to Imperial India’s most imposing city.

Embark on a lifetime journey through our selection of tours, please don’t hesitate to communicate your wishes.

West Bengal & Sikkim

Discover a more remote, culturally diverse and scenic India. Home to the third highest mountain in the world, Kanchenjunga at 8586m, lush forests, deep valleys and terraced hillsides, Sikkim is one of the most beautiful states of India.

Nature & Spirituality

This is the side of India that few western tourists bother with, but which has so much colour and culture, that we believe it is a really crucial part of India to see, to balance the stereotypes of the Taj and the Moghul splendours.


Tribes of Orissa

If meeting others culture, knowing more about the indigenous culture is your subject then there will be no better places than the Tribal Tour in Orissa. Travel to these little villages in the valley, their aged old traditions, the weekly markets.

Trek to Kanchendzonga

Though this trek is one of the longest treks in Sikkim, it has its allurement! If you want to witness the vastness, feel the charm and get soaked in the enchanting views of the Mt. Everest, the Sikkim Darjeeling Kanchendzonga Trek proves to be one of the best treks in Sikkim.

Rhythm of The Gonds

Discover the unique culture and traditions of the tribes of central India Explore the villages and markets of the Baiga, Gond, Maria, Dhurwa and Bhatra tribes of Chhattisgarh. Travel on to the land of the Kondh and Paraja people of Koraput in Orissa.

Art & Intellect

This tour takes you to the remote villages of West Bengal, to experience and be part of the daily life of its inhabitants, rural culture, arts and crafts, devotional music, and rituals towards the Goddess.


Glenburn Tea Estate

Glenburn Tea Estate is a 150 year old colonial plantation house with lots of old world charm, overlooked by Mount Kanchenjunga and close to Darjeeling. Glenburn has delightful colonial style rooms and superb views.

Chandori Sai

For travellers who want to get away from noisy, crowded India and experience fascinating local culture. The dedicated team at this luxurious lodge are key to exploring the remote state of Odisha.

The Rajbari Bawali

A gloriously grand mansion rescued from ruin in a rural Bengali village
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