Untammed Himalays

Drive the worlds highest passes on this epic adventure of a lifetime
So close to the sky … From Darjeeling to Sikkim, from Bhutan to Nepal, from Ladakh to Himachal Pradesh, a trip to the Himalayas, is to admire beautiful landscapes green oases And high snowy summits, incredible monasteries clinging to the sides of the mountains …
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Monks & Mountains

Ladakh is an fascinating and entrancing region of India. A literally breathtaking high altitude landscape, the religion and culture here is decidedly Tibetan, with incredible Buddhist monasteries everywhere and a vibrant history of forts and palaces.

Yoga Retreat

Travel to the abode of Gods and Yogis; discover less travelled holy places and experience ancient rituals.

Spiti unspoiled and pristine

This is a back-to-the-basics journey that takes you away from your everyday complacency

Source of Ganges and trek to Shivling

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Ladakh, Spiti & More

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Markha trek

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Boutique Himalayan Getaways

Itmenaan Estate

Itmenaan Estate is a fairytale resort in a peaceful rural setting near Binsar in the Kumaon Himalayas.

Shakti 360

Shakti 360 Degrees Leti is truly off the beaten track — it’s situated high on a ridge almost in the middle of nowhere and used to be only accessible on foot.

Mary Budden Estate

Come to Mary Budden Estate to relax in a serene setting within the secluded Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary, where we are proud of our environmental and cultural sustainability.