North India

For centuries, northern India has been a melting pot of religions and cultures—and nowhere is this legacy more apparent than in the region’s incredible architecture.
India’s most frequently visited region, the north allows you to experience the country as you’ve always dreamed.Witness dawn on the holy Ganges. Visit bustling markets selling everything from vegetables to saris. Behold the beauty spotting in a national park. And savour North Indian cuisines.

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Punjabi Experience

This itinerary delves into one of India’s most interesting and prosperous states. Known as the birthplace of Sikhism and home to the majority of India’s Sikhs

Nawabs & Begums

As you traipse through its royal heritage and grandiose, you will be transported back in time to the era when the Nawabs of Awadh ruled the land and without realising it, you will feel nostalgic looking at the modern city. 

Sacred Ganges & foot step of Budha

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Spiritual India in the foothills of the Himalayas

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Mélange of colonial and Mughals

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Grand Classic of North

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House of Kotwara

Kotwara Residence, Lucknow: Qaiser Bagh is Lucknow’s most distinguished residences with a panorama of visual history through its buildings.

Citrus County

Citrus County offers hand crafted tents on a 70 acre citrus farm with plenty of sunshine, robust  punjabi food and conversation.

Serai at Toria

Beautifully designed mud cottages are fashioned on local village houses with the aim to inspire villagers to see the advantages of local architecture.

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