Known in the British era as Rajputana, “Land of Kings”


Rajasthan is a realm of maharajas and a rich and romantic past, either in evocative ruins or restored to former splendour, but there is much more to this iconic region…

Embark on a lifetime journey through our selection of tours, please don’t hesitate to communicate your wishes..

Familly Holidy to Rajasthan

Delve into the vibrant culture and heritage of India on this fun-packed family adventure. From a camel ride in Rajasthan to a tiger safari at Ranthambore National Park, India offers memorable experiences that will last a lifetime.

Colours of Rajasthan

Big cats & Birds

A feeling of majesty overtakes you when you see historic palaces or view unencumbered wildlife in its natural habitat.

Luxury Rajasthan

The desert air is warm and dry. You can see a verdant oasis in the distance. A remarkable fortress watches over the expanse of a Blue City and a pink palace bursts with character.

Viberat Rajasthan to Holy Varanasi

The famous cities of North India are no longer relegated to stories. Experience the beautiful history and ravishing culture that has brought renown to the country.

Horseback Safari

horseback safari adventure takes you on a remarkable journey through foothills of Aravalli Mountains and into the Jagnath Wildlife Sanctuary, home of the endangered Asian step wild cat of India.


Shahpura Bagh

This wonderful garden estate is surrounded by shimmering lakes and comprises two residences with light and airy suites and rooms.


Picture a sandcastle on the grandest scale and you’re half way to imagining Mihir Garh boutique hotel, a fairytale fortress in Jodhpur’s rugged Thar desert.


Like the secret gateway to Narnia, and just as magical, this glorious 18th-century fort-palace – imposingly grand with its ramparts of domes, sleekly minimalist and quite breathtaking.

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