Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu has sweeping beaches, the world’s greatest collection of ancient temples, pretty tea plantations…

How many people can you get on a motorbike? How many letters in a word? How many dishes in a meal? The answer, in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, seems always to be a lot more than you’d think.

Embark on a lifetime journey through our selection of tours, pleaser don’t hesitate to communicate your wishes.

Organic & Vegan Séjour

Organic & Vegan journey into the heartland of South India where ancient ruins, terrific temples, gorgeous gopurams, magnificent monuments, sensational saints, palatial palaces, paddies, peaks, and plantations meet vibrant villages, bustling bazaars, and balmy breezes!

Spiritual Tamil Nadu

Hit the temple trail to visit some of the stars of South India on this 10-day itinerary. You’ll experience the modern culture of the state of Tamil Nadu alongside ancient Indian history and mythology.

Coast to Coast

This itinerary is a great introduction to some of the best spots in South India. Discover rich colonial history in captivating towns and cities, escape the crowds in quaint countryside, explore unspoilt temples and stay overnight on a houseboat in the tranquil Kerala backwaters.

The Nilgiri hills & Tea gardens

SILHOUETTED AGAINST THE SKY the blue mountains, or the Nilgiris,
are an evocative sight. Their rolling slopes seem to dance to the rustle
of eucalyptus trees that call out from valley to valley in joyous abandon.

Gems of Tamil Nadu

Fascinating journey into the heartland of Dravidian culture. The state of Tamil Nadu lies in the southernmost part of the Indian Peninsule and offers a wild variety of majestic temples epitomizing the remarkable artistic and architectural skills of the Chola Empire (Medieval time).


You will live a smart and relaxing time, sharing your time between yoga in the morning and discovery and learning about eco developpement techniques.



Svatma is a hotel with a difference in that it really aims to immerse its guests into Tamil culture. Literally translating as ‘one’s own soul’.

La Villa

La Villa is a luxury boutique hotel located in the town of Pondicherry in Tamil Nadu, India and is a beautifully restored historic 19th century French Manor House.

Mary Budden Estate

Come to Mary Budden Estate to relax in a serene setting within the secluded Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary, where we are proud of our environmental and cultural sustainability.

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